Microsoft Trying To Stop The Pain In The Vista Capable Lawsuit

I guess Microsoft is really embarrassed about the contents of some of those e-mails that relate to the Vista Capable class action lawsuit. So they’ve asked a judge to stop any further discovery while they challenge the class action status. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why Microsoft wants to prevent further digging around in their and their OEMs’ email archives, with stories like this one from Bloomberg which reveals some highly embarrassing internal emails to a mass audience. It’s simply bad for business and public opinion. Plus it reinforces the view that Vista sucks. In my humble opinion, Microsoft got caught red handed doing something it shouldn’t have done and now they’re trying to manage the spin cycle now that it’s out in the open. If they were smart, they’d apologize, pay some token amount and move on. That would work for no other reason than to get the story out of the mainstream media and out of blogs like this one. Going forward, they need to be more careful about what they e-mail each about. Either that or they need to hire the White House e-mail system administrator seeing as all sorts of critical e-mails seemed to “disappear” when people came looking for them.

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