For You Early Adopters Out There – Here’s Vista SP1!

If you really want to get your hands on SP1 for Windows Vista (and can’t wait for it to appear in Windows Update), the standalone installer is here for the 32-bit version of Vista. For those of you with the 64-bit version of Vista, get your installer here. Remember, you’re always taking a risk when installing a service pack so back up your stuff before you try this out. It weighs in at 434 MB for the 32-bit version and 726 MB for the 64-bit version, so it will take a while to download. I’ll be letting you know how it goes when I have played with it for a bit.

Update: According to this blog entry, it has been released to Windows Update. There’s more useful info there as well.

10 Responses to “For You Early Adopters Out There – Here’s Vista SP1!”

  1. Hi! Windows Update doesn’t offers me the sp1 because i have conexant sound card, but the driver that windows update offers me to solve this issue don’t install ok, so I can not install it

  2. i m Using HP DV2324EA with Vista Home Premium this SP1 will work for my System?

  3. The computer is Vista compatible, but the best way to figure this out is to simply try to use Windows Update to get SP1. If it doesn’t offer it to you, then you have a driver that you need to update or something like that. One thing I would do before you try that is make sure your drivers are up to date. Download them from here:

    Hope that helps.

  4. Pipo, Please see my update on your issue in the posting called “Windows Vista SP1 – First Impressions”

  5. i can’t see SP1 in my windows update liste & yeh my drivers r updated

  6. Your situation appears not to be unique as this post indicates:

    Perhaps you should dial up the company that made your computer (as they are responsible for the support on the Vista install that came with it)…

  7. Hi again, I have disabled the conexant sound card via the device manager and it solved the issue, now Windows Update offers me the SP1 and I already intalled it, after that I re-enabled the sound card and every thing is runnig OK, thanks

  8. Cool. Glad to hear it worked out. I will make a note of that trick in my next post.

  9. Hey no problem with the SP1 here. My system is about seven years old and the download only took me twelve minutes on cable. Bout a half hour on the install without a glitch. I sure haven’t seen any noticeable changes yet. Install got a little boring but the usual progress indicators help. No driver conflicts that I can see. Everything I have works fine on home premium and all my additional software. I was impressed being it’s an older computer. Only got two gigs of ram and a P4 cpu. Hats off to MS they dun good here!

  10. I have an Gateway MT6821 Notebook that seems to have a problem with a driver for SigmaTel AC-97 and the sp1 patch, I was wondering if there any fix for this?

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