Hide Your Women & Children, Vista SP1 Is Almost Here!

For those of you who have been waiting anxiously for Windows Vista SP1 to arrive, your time is almost here. According to this ComputerWorld article, Vista SP1 hits software update tomorrow. What am I going to do? Since my install of Vista is on a virtual machine using Parallels Desktop for Macintosh, I am going to clone that virtual machine and then install SP1 and see how it works. That way if the update really goes south on me, I can easily revert to a known working copy of Vista (another reason why I prefer running Windows on my MacBook Pro vs running it on a real PC). You can do something similar if you use one of the methods that I wrote about in this article some time ago. After all, this service pack has been linked to a couple of major problems so it would be wise to be protect yourself.

After I’ve played with it for a bit, I’ll post my impressions. After all, it’s entirely possible that it might not suck.

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