Marriage Proposal Written Into Video Game….. Very Cool!

In a departure from my usual posts, I have a story about a New Jersey software programmer who proposed to his girlfriend by porting Bejeweled (her favorite video game) to the Nintendo DS and writing a marriage proposal into an easy to clear level.

That’s very cool!

What’s even cooler is that the company who makes Bejeweled was so impressed that they are supplying copies of Bejeweled 2 Deluxe as wedding favours for each of the couple’s 200 guests, providing $1,000 for jewel-themed decorations and flying the couple to Seattle as a second honeymoon. I’m impressed by that because the usual response in a situation like this is to sue the coder.

So let me say two things. I’d like to congratulate the happy couple. Also I’d like to thank PopCap Games for not suing this guy and I’d encourage you to buy games from this company as they make games for a variety of platforms including phones, Palm Pilots, BlackBerrys, and iPods. We need more companies like this out there.

UPDATE: Here’s the guy’s blog.

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