CRTC To Debate Bell’s Throttling Nonsense

This is a step in the right direction. The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that the CRTC will begin deliberations tomorrow to determine if Bell’s throttling of independent ISP’s should stop immediately until government policy is set.

This is amazing for those who have fought this issue from day one. It means that the CRTC takes this issue seriously as opposed to simply blowing it off (which is what many feared that the CRTC would do). The only fly in the ointment is that anything that the CRTC does may go against a 1999 ruling that states they would not regulate the Internet:

“By not regulating, we hope to support the growth of new media services in Canada,” said Françoise Bertrand, then the CRTC’s chair.”

That could pose a problem, but let’s hope they find a way to sort that out.

While there’s still miles to go in this battle, this is a significant victory for those who want net neutrality in Canada.

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    Interesting take the true picture of P2P, which kinda kills Bell’s arguments for throttling.

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