Net Neutrality Rally In Canada…. They Have A Website Now

The drive to have a Net Neutrality Rally on Parliament Hill on May 15th is gaining steam. Besides a rather lengthy thread on, there’s now a website active:

Take a look. It’s a very interesting read.

One has to wonder how long it will be before angry Internet users in Canada grab their pitchforks and torches too. I say that because you rarely see this sort of organization over an issue in Canada. That means that Canadian Internet users must really be ticked off. The only thing that I can think of that has generated this amount of anger is the negative option billing fiasco that Rogers had a few years ago. Perhaps Rogers and Bell should be paying attention to this?

One thing to note from that website, they have 2 Members of Parliment that are scheduled to show up:

Where’s the rep from the Conservative Party of Canada (who are the sitting Government)? Are they too scared to show? Do they not take this seriously? Do Internet users in Canada not matter enough to them to warrant having a representative there? What about the Bloc Quebecois for that matter? Surely they would love the chance to take a shot at the Conservatives over their handling (or lack thereof) of this issue. I call on both those parties to send a rep to this rally. Canadians would really like to know where your parties stand on this issue.

Update: The date that the rally is taking place on has tentatively changed to May 27th.

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