Microsoft Walks Away From Yahoo

This news just crossed the wires not to long ago. Microsoft has decided to quit trying to buy Yahoo. According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer:

“After careful consideration, we believe the economics demanded by Yahoo! do not make sense for us, and it is in the best interests of Microsoft stockholders, employees and other stakeholders to withdraw our proposal.”

For it’s part, Yahoo issued a press release not to long ago. Among other things, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang said:

“I am incredibly proud of the way our team has come together over the last three months. This process has underscored our unique and valuable strategic position. With the distraction of Microsoft’s unsolicited proposal now behind us, we will be able to focus all of our energies on executing the most important transition in our history so that we can maximize our potential to the benefit of our shareholders, employees, partners and users.”

Clearly, he wasn’t afraid of flying chairs from Redmond.

So the question I have is this. Has Microsoft walked away for good? It’s hard to tell as Microsoft still needs a plan to seriously take on Google. Don’t be surprised if Microsoft tries a hostile takeover.

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