Yang To Ballmer: Can We Talk?

It looks like the pounding that Yahoo stock took yesterday encouraged Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang to try and get the “Microhoo” talks going again. He said in an interview with Reuters this morning:

“If they have anything new to say, we would be open. … I am more than willing to listen.”

It almost sounds like he wants this deal to happen so that he can pull his ass out of the fire maximize shareholder value. Some of their biggest sharholders hope it does happen sooner rather than later. Bill Miller (who is the second largest Yahoo shareholder) for one wanted to take as little as $34 – $35 a share:

“Had there been a full deal on the table, a hostile deal, at $34 or $35, we would have had to take a look at it,” said Bill Miller, a portfolio manager for Legg Mason. “Our number was higher, but it doesn’t mean we would have rejected it.”

Mark my words. If Microsoft comes back at that range, expect Yang and company to take it. I don’t think he has a choice anymore.

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