BlackBerry Bold Gets Announced… iPhone Not Sweating It

Yesterday, RIM the makers of the highly addictive very popular BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Bold as its answer to the all powerful iPhone. It’s RIM’s first 3G BlackBerry and promises “a rich set of multimedia capabilities” to go with it’s 2 megapixel camera, GPS capabilities, and WiFi. On top of that, RIM launched one additional salvo at the iPhone. They have also announced a $150 million dollar fund to encourage people to make apps for the BlackBerry. That’s $50 million more than Apple offers for its fund that does the same thing for iPhone developers. Clearly, RIM is trying to make sure that it holds on to the smartphone market that Apple is starting to eat into.

Speaking of Apple, the word on the street is that “The Steve” and other execs from Apple will be at the WWDC Keynote and iPhone is specifically mentioned in the press release. Could this be the release of the 3G iPhone? Maybe. Considering that iPhone stock in the US and UK are basically non-existent and AT&T employees are not allowed to take vacations until mid summer, that is a distinct possibility.

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