CRTC Sides With Bell – For Now

The CRTC has shot down the request from the Canadian Association Of Internet Providers to stop the throttling of Bell resellers instantly:

“With respect to CAIP’s claim regarding loss of revenue due to customers terminating service, the Commission considers that CAIP failed to demonstrate that its members will suffer irreparable harm as a result of Bell Canada’s throttling practices. In conclusion, the Commission finds that CAIP has not demonstrated that its members will suffer irreparable harm if the interim relief was not granted.

The only good news in this is that the CRTC may act on this on a later date. For that to happen, it would require Internet users in Canada to keep the pressure up so that the CRTC and the Canadian Parliament make the correct decision and guarantee net neutrality in Canada. This starts with the protest on the 27th of May. It also means sending the CRTC your feedback so they know that this is unacceptable. Finally it means sending your feedback to your MP so that this gets debated in Parliament.

Failure to do so means that your Internet access will be crippled. That is bad for all Canadians.

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