Canadian Government Caught “Fluffing” Jim Prentice’s Wikipedia Entry….Is He That Lame?

CBC News has revealed that Canada’s totally useless Industry Minister Jim Prentice has had his Wikipedia page “Fluffed” by someone in the Industry Ministry according to Michael Geist:

“The edits, discovered by University of Ottawa internet law professor Michael Geist — a vocal opponent of Prentice’s pending copyright legislation — have been anonymously made over the past week with several attempts to remove criticisms of a bill the minister is expected to table before Parliament breaks for its summer session some time over the next few weeks. Geist, who was tipped off by a reader of his blog, tracked the IP address of the person or persons making most of the edits back to Industry Canada. A spokesperson for Prentice did not return several requests for comment.”

Keep in mind that he’s been under fire from all directions, including from Internet uses for not having a net neutrality strategy for Canada’s Internet. So it doesn’t come as surprise that he (or someone close to him) would want to lie revise history a bit. Too bad they forgot one minor detail. Wikipedia logs all IP addresses which makes it really easy to see who edits a page. Oops! You’d think that Industry Canada staff would be smart enough to drag their laptops to the nearest Starbucks and do the edits from there so that there’s plausible denialability? If they can’t do that much, it would explain why they don’t have a net neutrality policy as well as coming up with some really stupid Intellectual Property laws for Canada. Clearly we need smarter people and a smarter minister in that department.

By the way, this isn’t the first time that this sort of thing has happened. Several US politicians got caught doing the same thing a while ago. Talk about losers.

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