David McGuinty Has A Petition For Net Neutrality… Please Sign Up Today

If you recall, Liberal MP David McGuinty has a private members bill in the House Of Commons that deals with the net neutrality issue. He’s now posted a petition on his website that allows you to express your support. At the time I write this, there are over 400 signatures on this petition. If you’re Canadian, you should add yours today as bills like his need all the help they can get. You should also pass this along to your friends so that they can get involved. Keep in mind that his bill does the following (among other things):

  • Outlaw the much-hated system access fee for cell phone customers
  • Force providers to provide more accurate information on network speeds
  • Force providers to implement greater transparency of network management practices on mobile and broadband networks
  • Force the CRTC to issue a net neutrality report on “network management practices that favor, degrade or prioritize any packet transmitted over a broadband network based on source, ownership, or destination.”

Make your voice heard today by signing this petition because now is the time to defend Canada’s right to a free Internet.

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