BREAKING NEWS: iPhone 3G Now Available In Canada!

The Steve just announced at the World Wide Developers Conference that the iPhone 3G is going to be available in Canada. If you take a look at the Canadian Apple store, it has been posted (with no pricing). It will also be available in 22 other countries as well. The pricing will be $199 US for the 8GB version and $299 for the 16GB version with a with and black variant available for the 16GB version.

As I speak, the Rogers and Fido websites (as those are the only GSM carriers in Canada) are not loading. Likely because every Apple Fanboi in Canada are slashdotting them. But I expect it to appear on those sites shortly if the traffic levels drop.

Watch this page for further updates.

UPDATE: The iPhone 3G requires iTunes 7.7 or later according to the system requirements. The current version of iTunes is 7.6.2. That of course means that a new version of iTunes may be out as early as today.

UPDATE #2: There was other news at the World Wide Developers Conference today. MobileMe was announced as a replacement to .Mac.

UPDATE #3: Original iPhones are currently popping up for sale on Toronto’s Craigslist by the second. I assume that other markets are experiencing the same thing. Too funny.

UPDATE #4: There’s a press release on the Apple Canada website that was just posted referencing Rogers but curiously not Fido. Granted Rogers owns Fido, but you’d think they’d want the Fido name in there.

UPDATE #5: Apple has posted a new iPhone AD.

UPDATE #6: From the “in other news from the World Wide Developers Conference department,” Apple has announced “Snow Leopard” which is the successor to Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard.” Currently it’s only available to developers (who have to sign an NDA to get it and it’s being shown behind closed doors). Apparently it’s focusing on performance improvements rather than new features.

UPDATE #7: Rogers and Fido are loading pages again. I guess the Fanbois have quit looking for the iPhone since there’s no update on their pages regarding the iPhone.

UPDATE #8: Rogers has posted a press release for the iPhone. It’s also posted teasers on the wireless sections of their website referencing the July 11 launch date of the iPhone. Nothing on the Fido website as of yet.

UPDATE #9: MobileMe requires Mac OS X 10.5.4. So one could expect that Leopard users will get a system update on or before July 11th.

UPDATE #10: Apple has a posted a Snow Leopard page.

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  1. hi i was wondering is the iphone going to be 199 in canada and will it be able to be on pay as you go

  2. Rogers has confirmed that the pricing for the iPhone will be the same as the US. But they have not confirmed what service plans will be priced at. That should be coming any time now. Perhaps as early as today.

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