Canadian Gov’t To Drop Draconian Copyright Legislation On Parliament….. WTF?

Once again the brain dead poor excuse for a Industry Minister Jim Prentice has managed to anger a whole lot of people by introducing new copyright legislation (another view here) that can only be described as draconian. Some of the things that the legislation proposes to do are:

  • Impose a $500 fine for each illegal file shared online
  • Makes it illegal to unlock cellphones or copy music from protected CDs to iPods
  • Forbids you from copying TV shows onto personal video recorders if flagged by broadcasters

This is basically a Canadian version of the US DMCA act which is equally as vile.

This has to be stopped before any damage is done. I encourage you to do as this user suggests. Send the letter in his post (or some form of it) to Prime Minister Steven Haprer and Jim Prentice. Also, make sure that your MP knows that this whole idea is flawed and they need to vote against it. If you don’t do this, you risk having Canada and up with the same circus that the RIAA and the MPAA are hoisting onto the USA.

UPDATE: CBC has posted a story that suggests a “Police State” will result if this bill is passed.

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