Today Is Firefox Download Day! Download Links Available Here! [UPDATED]

As mentioned previously here, Mozilla wants you to help set a world record. Currently the Firefox home page still points to Firefox 2. But thanks to some sleuthing this morning, I’ve got links to the official downloads to Firefox 3 for Mac and for PC. Download your copy today and do your part to help set a world record!

UPDATE: I just disabled the above links. Apparently, if you download Firefox 3 from the above links, it does not count towards the world record attempt. I will re-enable them when I get confirmation that they do count towards the world record attempt. That should happen about 1PM EST.

UPDATE #2: According to Mozilla, only downloads from Mozilla’s official site count towards the record. I have re-enabled the links for PC and Mac as promised. (Note: The Mozilla site is currently being slashdotted. Please keep trying.)

UPDATE #3: Things seems to be better now. You can keep track of the World record attempt here.

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