Head Of CRTC Is “Thinking” About Creating Rules In Regards To Managing Internet Traffic

In today’s Globe And Mail, CRTC Chairman Konrad von Finckenstein admitted that he is thinking about coming up with rules to oversee the practice of throttling:

“The CAIP complaint is really only the tip of the iceberg,” CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein told the telecom conference. “Sooner or later – hopefully later – this is going to evolve into a major consultation … It seems to be inevitable.”

Interestingly, Rogers and Bell were at the same conference where von Finckenstien said those words. For it’s part, Rogers sock puppet head of regulatory affairs Ken Englehart said the following:

“We hardly get any complaints,” Mr. Englehart said.

I can explain why you never get complaints Mr. Englehart. Smart users ditch your service to go with a provider who doesn’t screw them over manage their network in ways that impacts on their ability to download porn and MP3s enjoy their Internet experience. The ones you’re left with either don’t know any better, or can’t switch because you’re the only game in town. Thus, no complaints.

I guess if you’re on Rogers, you should complain loudly so that Englehart knows that it’s not only Bell users who are ticked off over throttling.

UPDATE: Michael Geist has posted his thoughts on this.

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