Jim Prentice Interviewed On CBC Radio… It Didn’t Go Well…

The brain dead and completely useless Industry Minister Jim Prentice was interviewed by Jesse Brown on the CBC Radio show Search Engine at 11:30am EDT today with the topic being Bill C-61. He struggled to answer questions because he knows his bill is bad for the Canadian public, and it’s clear that he does not understand his own legislation nor can he defend it in any way shape or form. You can listen for yourself if you click here. But here’s the bottom line. HE HUNG UP ON THE HOST. How classy of him!

This is a clear sign that C-61 is a bad bill. This is also a clear sign that Jim Prentice is not the man that should be the Industry Minister. The Conserative Government needs to pull this bill and dump Prentice before any more damage is done. Otherwise it may find that it will have a very difficult time governing.

It also means that Canadians should rachet up the pressure as it is clearly getting to the Government.

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