Windows 7 Has A Ship Date: January 2010 (Maybe) [UPDATED x2]

Microsoft dropped a big hint about the fact that Vista sucks its future plans by announcing a ship date for Windows 7. According to Microsoft VP Bill Veghte:

“our plan is to deliver Windows 7 approximately three years after the January 2007 general availability launch date of Windows Vista.”

Now Microsoft ship dates have a history of slipping (Vista itself was years late and missing a ton of promised features), but I have a feeling that this one is carved in stone given all the bad press that Windows Vista has received.

I do have one question: If we now know that Windows 7 is going to ship in or around January 2010 and XP support is going to exist for much longer than that, do I have any incentive to update to Vista at all?

UPDATE: This letter just appeared on the Microsoft site from Microsoft VP Bill Veghte. He’s turned the spin cycle on to MAX.

UPDATE #2: It seems that Microsoft’s PR people read my blog (I guess that I must have influence or something). I just got an e-mail from a rep from Waggener Edstrom Worldwide who said the following:

“I was just reading your coverage of Bill Veghte’s letter to customers and wanted to clarify one point with you.  The reason for the letter was not to announce any new information but to share information that has already been communicated to the media directly to customers.  The support date of April 2014 was set in January of 2007, I’ve seen news coverage on-line which goes back as far as Jan 14, 2007.  ( I would note that one of your own links supports this:”

The link that she refers to is something that automatically gets generated by WordPress (the people who host my blog) as it scans all the other blogs that they host and looks for possibly related links. Thus it has nothing to do with me per-se. Also, traditional industry media (rather than bloggers like me) seem to think that this is new information. More on that in a moment.

She goes on to say:

” For clarification, I have a few links that I think may help.

Here is a full listing of dates for support:

As you’ll see, this information was published in April on the MS Support Blog:

If you would like a live link to the letter itself, it can be found here:

Please let me know if you have any further questions!”

Most of these are useful links that I knew about, but have never bothered to post until now. You may want to bookmark them for future reference. The PR rep also indicatd that she is contacting other people in regards to this:

“You are not the only one we’re touching base with to help clarify that information. :)”

It sounds like they’re contacting anyone who’s written something on this topic to “clarify that information” as the perception is within the blogasphere and the traditional media that this is new info as opposed to one year old info. Of course that may have something to do with the fact that nobody likely cared about this info in 2007 and now they do since XP is going to disappear. Or perhaps someone didn’t do a great job getting that info out there. Who knows?

I’ll see what the traditional industry media publishes in repsonse to this (if anything) and I’ll comment accordingly.

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