Rhapsody Reboots Itself with iPod-Compatible MP3s

The iTunes music store is the big boy on the digital music (not to mention movies) block at the moment, and everyone wants to take them down. The latest contestant to try and take them down is Rhapsody. They have opened up a music store that offers DRM free music that is in MP3 format. In an article that I found online, it’s clear that Rhapsody wants to be different that iTunes:

“So what will distinguish Rhapsody’s MP3 store from competitors? One big draw is that listeners will be able to preview an entire song before they purchase it. “You won’t be caught in the 30-second ghetto,” says Rhapsody’s [Rhapsody Vice President Neil] Smith, referring to the preview functions in iTunes and Amazon.”

Rhapsody joins Amazon in offering DRM free MP3s for sale. Of course Apple does something similar by offering AAC encoded music that is DRM free as well. But you still have to convert it to MP3 if you want it to work with something other than an iPod. One catch about Rhapsody is that it’s US only at the moment.

It will be interesting to see what impact Rhapsody has in this market.

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  1. What about the Zune?

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