Orange To Addict You To Mobile Broadband By Offering Up A Eee PC

Starting tomorrow, Orange in England will be offering you an Eee PC (the Asus Eee PC 900 16G if you want the specific model) as well as mobile broadband Internet for £25 a month:

“Francois Mahieu, Director of Devices for Orange UK has also hinted this will be the first of many: “This launch is just the start, over time we will be expanding our offering even further with more suppliers who are at the forefront of laptop technology.”

Perhaps Orange was watching what RBC in Canada was doing with the Eee PC? But before you run out and get one (assuming you’re in the U.K.), take note of this. You’ll have to become the slave of Orange sign up for a 24 month contract to get this deal. But that is better than the contract length of 36 months that Rogers Wireless in Canada wants you to be their bitch for to sign up for so that you can score an iPhone.

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