New Canadian Cell Company Wants To Hear From You!

Here’s a refreshing change from the usual idiots suspects in the Canadian cell phone marketplace. Globalive who hopes to launch a new national cell phone service next year has set up a website so that they can hear from you the consumer about what their new service should be like.

Wow. A cell company who (appears to) care about their potential customers. Perhaps they looked at the issues that Rogers (the iPhone), Bell (incoming text messaging charges) and Telus (incoming text messaging charges and screwing over their EVDO users by yanking their unlimited plans) have gotten themselves into and decided not to be like them. If so, that’s a great change from what Canadians are used to.

So far I am impressed. Hopefully these guys do something that nobody else has been able to do. Force Rogers, Bell, and Telus into a position where they have to compete. At the very least, there’s another option out there for consumers.

Good luck to Globalive!

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  1. Hi.. Would like to have the same set of standards as in US. preferabley looking to have unlimited incoming in $ 20 with all inclusive of taxes. Believe me..u guys are going to mint a lot of money with this plan as you will have a lot of incoming interconnection charges falling in your kitty. and when people make the outgoing call, you too stand to gain. u know its like ….just how smartly you price your product.

    And if u like my suggestion, do mail me back.

    Thanks for your time,

  2. hi there,

    great to hear a company asking the consumers what they want rather than guessing what the consumers want or forcing the consumers to choose from a limited expensive range of services I think you are in a unique position to definitely take out the big three (rogers, bell,telus). I would recommend various plans according to various users. i.e students, casual users, cell phone addicts, business users etc. no system access fee, caller id/voice maiil/call waiting is a must. I understand pricing has to be realistic but having the ability to add options such as free incoming callls, my fave 10, unlimited smartphone internet data package.

    i’d like to see something such as 300 daytime minutes billing by the second unlimited receive texts, 50 outgoing text messages, my fave 5 numbers unlimited nights/wknds and after 6 pm, voicemail, caller id, call display call conferencing for say $35 dollars, and option for smartphone unlimited data package 10-15 dollars

    for students my fave 10, free incoming calls, unlimted internet

    i think that is reasonable

  3. Existing national wireless companies already offer unlimited incoming minutes on the cheap; I pay Virgin $10/mth for unlimited incoming. Admittedly, they’re an MVNO, and half-owned by Bell. But due to their pricing, I see Virgin as Globalive’s biggest competitor. Virgin has 600,000 customers, nothing to scoff at.

  4. I would like the following:

    1. No charge call forwarding when phone is off.
    2. By the second billing
    3. Ability to park the phone for a few months when I am out of country.
    These missed months could be added to the current contract.
    4. Voice mail included in rate. Currently all voice mails are too expensive
    and the box is too small.
    5. Get rid of the network access fee as this is a bogus fee
    that most people think the CRTC has added while it is really a cash grab.
    6. Want all rate plans and costs on your website.

    More to come….

  5. yes i am intrested in a new cell phone company comming into canada,but does it mean any better rates to me for my customers, right now I am using, for long distance, and have a Virgin Mobile account what can you offer me?

  6. Vince Marcotte Says:

    I use Rodgers now (not impressed at all) my biggest concern is roaming charges for both incomming and outgoing calls, I used My5, and still got nailed with roaming fees. It is as if I never even had it at all! They should be included in packages.

  7. Globalive has be halted – can’t start this great business venture. I’m checking on WHY? right now..

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