Sony Recalls Laptops…. Apparently They Burn [UPDATED]

Sony (via the Consumer Product Safety Commission) is recalling about 73,000 Vaio TZ-series laptops sold in the US, as a possible short circuit of wires near the hinge could burn users. According to the posting on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, consumers should stop using these laptops and contact Sony to see if their notebook is one of the ones that is affected. This Sony page has more info on what you need to do. Apparently one person received a minor burn and 15 cases of overheating have been reported.

This is the latest quality fiasco that Sony finds itself involved in. Last year’s exploding battery circus hit every big name computer company and cost Sony something north of $430 million USD to solve. So that combined with this latest recall has me rethinking the sort of quality that Sony puts into its products. They used to be bulletproof, but now they appear to be seriously slipping.

UPDATE: Sony now says it’s 438,000 laptops worldwide.

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