The Only Good Thing About The Canadian Election: The Canadian “DMCA Bill” Is Dead

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided to call a federal election on October 14th. The bad news, this is the third election in four years for Canadians. The good news, Bill C-61 which is the so called “DMCA Bill” is dead as any bill that is in Parliament when the election is called is as dead as disco.

Don’t go celebrating just yet.

Some version of this bill may reappear at some point. Consider the fact that the Conservatives who were the rocket scientists that came up with that bill are currently ahead in the polls and could be headed for a majority government. If that actually happens, they’ll ram this through Parliament.

Canadians would be well advised to quiz their politicians to see where they stand on this issue. Then make your voting choice based on their answer. Oh, while you’re at it, ask them about where they stand on net neutrality too.

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