Japan Is Ready For The Future Of Broadband…. U.S.A. Sort Of…. Canada Not So Much

I tripped over this study conducted by Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and the University of Oviedo’s Department of Applied Economics that looked at the state of broadband in 42 countries. The study determined that although a lot of the countries are up to speed when it comes to what users need today, Japan is the only country that is ready for the future of broadband demand. The future being things like visual networking, HD video streaming, “consumer telepresence,” and large file-sharing.

Where does the U.S.A. rank in this study? They rank 16th. Not bad. Canada? They do horrible in this study. Canada not only ranks 27th, but Canadian broadband ranks BELOW the minimum standard for today’s broadband needs.

That’s just plain pathetic.

Canadians should be pissed at their telcos for being this far behind Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Lithuania. Never mind being behind Japan and Korea. Bell, Rogers, Telus, Cogeco, Shaw, are just some of the telcos that should be embarrassed. The only thing that will fix this is making broadband a priority in Canada, and that requires some amount of government intervention. Since there’s an election going on in Canada right now, Canadians should ask the candidates where they stand on this issue and cast their votes accordingly. While Canadians are at it, they should get their views on copyright reform and net neutrality as those are important issues as well.

Just for giggles, I’d love any candidates or political parties in Canada to leave a comment to let readers of this blog where they stand on these issues. Alternately, drop me a note at nerd@theitnerd.ca and let me know where you or your party stands on these issues.

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