Funeral March Planned For Bill C-61 In Vancouver Next Sunday

I just got this media release (Warning: PDF) from a group calling themselves the “Vancouver Fair Copyright Group” who are planning a Funeral for Bill C-61:

“On September 7, 2008, An Act to Amend the  Copyright Act – known to his friends as “Bill C-61” – died prematurely during an election call. The Vancouver chapter of Fair Copyright for Canada will be holding a funeral on Sunday, October 5 to remember the life and times of Bill C-61.

At 12:00pm, a funeral procession bearing the coffin of Bill C-61 will make its way from Waterfront Station, heading south on Seymour Street. The body will be laid to rest in front of a tombstone at the south entrance of SFU Harbour Centre on West Hastings Street.

Canadians are reminded that although this bill is being laid to rest, the issue is far from dead: how we vote in the next election will determine what the next version of this bill is going to look like.

Theatrics aside, this group has a point. The fact that the bill died because an election call doesn’t change the fact that this rather crappy American inspired bill will likely resurface in some other form. Therefore those running for office, need to know that Canadians are still interested in this issue and they need to act accordingly. If you’re in the Vancouver area, show your support by coming out to this funeral.

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