Belkin Comes Out With A Cable That Switches You From PC To Mac…. Ballmer Throws Another Chair Upon Hearing This

If you’ve been wanting to switch to Mac, you now have a very easy way of doing so. All you have to do is buy this cable from Belkin and with the help of a “migration assitant” it will move your files and Internet settings from your PC to your new and superior Mac. The press release that I linked to is light on details, but you can be sure that because of this a few chairs are flying in Redmond Washington at the moment. Although it should be noted that if you take your PC to a Apple store, an Apple Genius will transfer your files for free. So I guess this cable would only appeal to the “do it yourself” bunch.

The “Switch To Mac” cable is availble now in the US with availibility in the rest of the universe in early 2009. If you’ve used it and you’ve got feedback, please leave us a comment.

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