Parallels And VMWare Ship Updates To Their Mac Based Virtualization Software

Parallels posted an update to Parallels Desktop 4 on its servers [Warning: Direct link to the download] yesterday. The full changelog is here, but from what I can tell it is meant to clean up some issues that were likely floating around in the version that hit the streets last week. I’ll give them points for coming up with this so soon after releasing a new version. It shows that Parallels is attempting to get the upper hand in this market.  I guess that I should mention that VMWare also released an update to VMWare Fusion 2 on the 14th as well. It has a bunch of bug fixes in it that their users will like.

Oh yeah, InformationWeek reviews Parallels Desktop 4 and its compared to VMWare Fusion 2. It’s actually a good resource if you want a (mostly) balanced review of both products.

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