Update On My D-Link Issue

Here’s a quick update to this post about my experiences with D-Link tech support last week. Seeing as it’s just a light that has burned out and the unit is otherwise fine,  I have decided not to replace it. Part of the reason for that is the rather negative experience that I had with D-Link tech support. In a way I shouldn’t be shocked by any of this as I’ve had negative experiences in the past with their tech support, and have stopped recommending most of their products to my customers as a result. Another reason is that I haven’t got the confidence that my issue will be sorted out properly by D-Link given the circus that I went through with them on the phone.

Having said that, the DNS-323 is a really good product. But the quality of the support leaves something to be desired. And it’s often the quality of support that makes or breaks a product. Right now, D-Link’s tech support department is not doing an otherwise excellent product any favors. I really think they need to make some wholesale changes to fix that.

The next question is, what do I replace the DNS-323 with when it does die? I’m thinking that I’ll look at something like this from Lacie as I have had very positive experiences with their tech support and their products are excellent.

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  1. You still using this? Recommend it even with the lame service? I’m thinking of picking one up.

    • I still use this. All things considered, it isn’t bad for what it is. Just be aware of the quality of the after sales service.

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