Seagate Updates Bricks 500GB Drives, Then Gets Pulled From Their Website…..WTF?

As if Seagate doesn’t have enough issues, comes this news. It seems that a firmware update that was supposed to fix those dying hard drives I told you about has been pulled by Seagate (check this page and pick a model number and it will say *In Validation* where the update used to be). Not only that, it seems that while the update was available, it seemed to brick (aka: Kill) 500GB hard drives at an alarming rate.

That’s just awesome if you’re a Seagate drive user.

I used to be a fan of Seagate drives. The key words are USED TO BE. Though I have not been affected by this (At least not yet. I have two of the 500GB drives that so far seem to be fine at the moment.), my next hard drives will come from Hitachi most likely as I have had good results with the notebook drive that I installed in my MacBook Pro, plus they have good feedback from various places on the net. Like anything else, YMMV. But at this point, one thing is clear. Seagate seems to have bungled this issue to the point that I can’t trust them with my data anymore. Nor can many other people.

The class action lawsuit I suspect is about to be filed.

2 Responses to “Seagate Updates Bricks 500GB Drives, Then Gets Pulled From Their Website…..WTF?”

  1. Still got 3 technical support tickets open (for 3 drives), no sign of life about this issue. The good news is that these drives didn’t failed yet.

  2. Ack! I have three drives (one 500 and two 750s) to update. All in validation. The two 750s are in my NAS which has been acting weird lately.

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