Teen Holds Parents Hostage Because Her Mobile Phone Got Taken Away…. WTF?

There’s something seriously wrong with the universe. Recently we’ve had a teen run away from home and end up dead because his parents took away his Xbox360, another teen kill his mother and wound his father because they kept him from playing Halo 3, and now this weird case of a 16 year old girl who held her parents hostage with a couple of knives because they took away her mobile phone due to the fact that she was stealing to buy prepaid minutes. Apparently cops were called after the parents barricaded themselves in a bedroom while she frantically stabbed at the door with two knives. Which led to some negotiations to defuse the situation.

WTF is wrong with kids today?

Do we have a problem with parents, or are kids really screwed up? Perhaps there’s another reason behind stuff like this? It just seems really weird to me that kids act like this because technology is taken away from them.

Does anybody have any insight on this?

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  1. Well this is an issue, teens like to have our electronic device but we get mad when they are taken from us. Some times our frustration over whelms us and we act inappropriately towards the person or people that take our stuff. Some teens really take it far and do things like that. The reason we are like this is because we feel like we are old enough to do what we want, when ever we want to do it, and how ever we want to do things and we don’t think about consequences. But really all we want is to have our privacy and keep our things. We grew addicted to electronic devices and feel that when they are taken we can’t live with out them. In my opinion we don’t have problems with our parents or screwed up. We are just addicted to electronic devices!..

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