Microsoft Adds Firefox Extension Without Your Permission…. WTF?

Frequent reader “Don” pointed me towards a absolutely underhanded attempt by Microsoft to install a Firefox browser extension without your permission. The Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant seems to have started appearing in Firefox installs in late January at about the same time that Microsoft .NET was updated to version 3.5. What’s worse about this extension is that the uninstall button is greyed out. Meaning that there’s no easy way to uninstall it.

What scumbags!

This thread talks about this in great detail as well as giving removal advice. Other removal advice can be found here, here, and here.

What Microsoft is doing is shoving an add in to another companies product without notifying its users with no easy way to prevent or uninstall the change. There’s not even a document that details what this does on Microsoft’s site. I wonder how Microsoft justifies this and gets away with it? Someone needs to file a class action lawsuit. This makes any of the stealth installs that Apple has been caught doing look tame by comparison.

In the meantime, my trust of Microsoft as a company just went right down the toilet.

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  1. I’m in IT as well, and just experienced the same thing. Someone in my office can’t watch video in IE, and uses FF instead. I don’t have the time to troubleshoot/inspect his ie settings, nor did I want to set them back to default, but when I found out this “hang” was from the Microsoft addon, I was absolutely shocked… First of all, it adds no functionality, and secondly, it’s straight up sabotage. Someone needs to download/decompile this add-on and report exactly what it even attempts to claim to accomplish, other than slow down firefox.

    Absolut Crap.

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