German RAM Manufacturer Goes TITSUP….. RAM Prices Skyrocket…. WTF?

For the last little while, the price of RAM has been affordable (if not just cheap as hell). But that’s about to change. According to ARS, German RAM manufacturer Qimonda went bankrupt on Friday. This sent RAM prices up about 26% on the spot market. Basically, the assumption is that supplies which have been beyond healthy will tighten. But ARS does point this out:

…even if Qimonda ceased production tomorrow, the DRAM supply glut is so severe that there won’t be a shortage any time soon. Presumably, the IDC report factors in the drop in PC demand, both consumer and enterprise, that the industry faces in 2009.

So in short, we the consumers are being screwed…. Again.

Good thing I’ve maxed all my computers out in terms of RAM. You may wish to do the same. Soon.

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  1. That is how the “free market” works. Memory is pretty much a commodity like oil and even coffee.

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