Seagate & Western Digital Announce New Drives…. 2TB For All!

Fresh off of dealing with their hard drives that had a tendency to turn into bricks, Seagate has announced a new series of drives including a 2TB drive:

The 3.5-inch Constellation ES hard drive will be available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities, and with an enterprise-class SAS interface as well as a SATA version, and provides best-in-class capacity and performance. As the world’s only 7200-rpm 3.5-inch hard drive providing up to 2TB of storage, the record-setting capacity of Constellation ES hard drives are ideal for 3.5-inch based external storage architectures. With Constellation ES hard drives, customers don’t have to sacrifice performance in order to gain the highest capacities. The Constellation ES hard drive will ship in calendar Q3.

These drives will give users all the room required for porn and MP3s their data storage needs.

Of course, not to be outdone, Western Digital has released a 2TB drive of their own. Oh yeah unlike the Seagate drive, it’s actually shipping:

WD Caviar Green is one of the most successful product lines in the company’s recent history with its third-generation GreenPower™ technology, now providing 2 TB of proven reliable storage for today’s high-resolution files and graphics. WD Caviar Green drives are designed for use in USB/FireWire®/eSATA external hard drives, desktop computers, workstations, and desktop RAID environments.

“Saving power without sacrificing storage capacity is what consumers want, and what many businesses are requiring today. With the launch of the new WD Caviar Green 2 TB hard drive, customers receive the additional capacities needed to operate today’s highly advanced programs and high-resolution digital files while using less power than typical drives with similar performance and capacities,” said Jim Morris, WD senior vice president and general manager of client systems.

So it’s green and has 2TB of storage for porn and MP3s you data storage needs and you can get it today. Cool! You can bet these will be flying off the shelves and going to people who have extensive porn and MP3s data storage needs.

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