Google Forces Its Auto Update Software On Users…. What Happened To “Do No Evil?”

Recently I rushed out to download the new version of Google Earth, but I got a nasty surprise. It demands that I allow that Google Software Update to run in the background on my Mac so that it can automatically download updates to any Google software I have installed on it. Oh, if you don’t want Google Software Update on your computer, it will refuse to install Google Earth.


To be fair, they tell you this up front and they aren’t stealth installing it like a certain software company that has recently gone that route, and they have a note on their site that tells you how to get rid of it (although this method might be a better route, YMMV). But this really rubs me the wrong way. Software companies should give me a choice as to what I want to install. They should not force it upon me. Google seems to be doing the latter.

Google has now joined Microsoft in my bad books as of this moment.

I guess Making Money Without Doing Evil is out the window at Google HQ.

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