DirecTV Said To Be Interested In Sirus/XM

The two headed monster known as Sirus/XM may have a white knight who will ride in to save the day after all. The word on the street (provided by Bloomberg) is that DirecTV is interested in buying the troubled satellite radio company:

An accord may help prevent Sirius XM from seeking bankruptcy protection or agreeing to a deal with satellite company EchoStar Corp. less than a year after Chief Executive Officer Mel Karmazin completed the merger of the only two U.S. pay-radio providers. Sirius XM has $3.25 billion in total debt and has until Feb. 17 to repay $175 million in bonds held by EchoStar.

If this report is true, then DirecTV needs to hustle. Feb. 17th is five days away. Of course they could wait for them to go TITSUP and buy the company at bargin basement prices. That would be the cheaper route IMHO.

Whatever happens, I expect it to happen quickly.

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