Charter Communications Goes TITSUP…. Customers Not Impacted…. Yet….

This press release hit the wires late yesterday with some grim news. Charter Communications who is a major broadband provider in the US has filed for Bankruptcy Protection so that it can reduce its $21 Billion debt load to $8 Billion. However, they say that customers won’t be impacted by this:

“We are committed to continuing to provide our 5.5 million customers with quality cable, Internet and phone service, and through this agreement, we will be even better positioned to deliver the products and services our customers demand now and in the future,” says Charter CEO Neil Smit.

Yeah, sure.

I can tell you what’s going to happen next. Any plans for expansion won’t happen. People (likely tech people such as the people who support their infrastructure and the tech support types) are going to lose their jobs. Oh yeah, the service will start to suck.

If you’re on Charter, it’s time to bail to another provider. Otherwise bad things may happen to you.

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