Microsoft Asks Laid Off Workers To Return Cash…. Oops!

Imagine that you’ve been laid off by Microsoft and you’ve been given a severance package. While life isn’t great, at least you have some cash while you find a new job right? Well, if you’re one of an unlucky 1400 Microsoft ex-employees, Microsoft has just kicked you in the testicles. It turns out that due to a “payroll error” you might have to pay back some of your severance. TechCrunch broke this story over the weekend and it’s gathered a fair amount of steam out on the Interwebs.

If you’re one of these people affected by this, please post a comment and let us know what you think of this public relations administrative screw up.

One Response to “Microsoft Asks Laid Off Workers To Return Cash…. Oops!”

  1. MS would probably take them to court and spend more money getting back what they overpaid to begin with!

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