Microsoft Contractors Decide To Fight Back Against Pay Cuts

It seems that Microsoft Contractors are not simply going to roll over and take those 10% pay cuts which appear to be across all Microsoft contractors and not just restricted to Volt (as I reported earlier). The contractors have created a website to promote their cause and seem to trying to organize. Why? From the website:

This constitutes an adjustment of contract rate adjustment in terms of service which is ILLEGAL. Our actions related to this injustice will include the following:

  • Online petition presented to the various vendor companies urging a change in course
  • Quiet protests including: Sit outs, ‘I am a Contractor’ T-Shirt Day and the like. (Suggestions?)
  • Legal consultation with labor law firms in an effort to determine legal precedent.
  • Legal action (Scope of which TBD)
  • Other (Help with ideas please)

So, this has the potential to get very messy for Microsoft. Or it could fizzle out. It’s hard to say at this point. I’ll keep watching this to see how this plays out. But the fact that they got my attention means that they must be doing something right.

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