Volt Wants Microsoft Temps To Take 10% Pay Cut…. And They Want Temps To “Vote” On It

You’ll recall that I’ve written about Volt in the past and they were none too pleased about the fact that I pointed out how much their Apple tech support people make. I’ve also written about why the fact that they pay so little is a bad thing. So when I read the news that Volt wants its temps that work for Microsoft to take a 10% pay cut , it got my attention:

We have evaluated all pay rates for our Microsoft agency temporary workers and have concluded that we will be asking each of you to share in these measures by accepting a 10% reduction in your pay rate. These reductions are very difficult for Volt to implement since we value each and every one of you; however this is mandatory in order to continue your assignment at Microsoft and to respond to this economic environment.

But it actually gets better.

We want to support you in continuing your assignment at Microsoft and respectfully ask that you respond by going to the upper left hand corner of this email under the ?Vote? response option and select, ?Accept? by close of business Tuesday, March 3, 2009. By accepting you agree to the pay adjustment in your pay rate. Volt has prepared a formal written amendment to your employment agreement for your signature and will execute this amendment in your scheduled meeting.

Okay, so what happens if you don’t agree? Do you get terminated? My gut says that this vote is mere formality. If you don’t take the cut you may as well pack-up your desk and take a long, unpaid “vacation.” And what happens if the economy improves? Do you get that 10% back? The e-mail doesn’t say, but I’m guessing that the answer is no. Oh yeah, Volt also sent this on a Friday evening. Smooth. That’s a very classy thing to do.

The thing I find interesting is that Microsoft isn’t bleeding cash like a lot of other companies. They just made less money than they were expecting to.  So one has to wonder if this is simply a move to keep profit margins high.

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