Yahoo Spent $79 Million To Fight Microsoft…. Look How Well That Worked Out…

According to a 10K filed with the SEC, Yahoo spent $79 million to fight of Microsoft:

For the year ended December 31, 2008, the increases in outsourced service provider expenses were primarily the result of incremental costs incurred in general and administrative expense of $79 million for 2008 for outside advisors related to Microsoft’s proposals to acquire all or a part of the Company, other strategic alternatives, including the Google agreement, the proxy contest, and related litigation defense costs.

It seems like a total waste of money given how much of a circus the Microsoft/Yahoo (Microhoo?) talks became. Of course I’m just a nerd writing about technology. What would I know? But at least the consultants win (as they usually do), so we know that some things are operating as they should be in the universe.

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