Skype Means Business…. At Least In Beta Form

Skype which is owned by eBay announced today a new beta product called Skype For SIP. This is a product that is aimed at businesses who want to use VoIP without migrating away from their PBX systems. From the announcement:

With Skype for SIP you simply place and receive calls with Skype using the standards based SIP protocol that many phone systems support natively. No more messy boxes in the middle, no more points of failure, just pure SIP all the way from your place to ours.

Sounds cool if you have the right PBX (meaning that it is a SIP Enabled PBX that supports the G.729 codec). If you have a PBX that fits that description, go nuts and sign up for the beta.

Although as I type this I have to wonder if this is an attempt for eBay to finally get Skype to pay for itself seeing as they overpaid $2.6 billion for the VoIP provider back in 2005.

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