Smartphones Escaped Unharmed In Pwn2Own Contest

Seeing that every major browser got hacked in this contest, it was kind of surprising to read that all 5 smartphone platforms escaped without being hacked. So the stuff on your Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian OS phone, Windows Mobile Phone and Android phones is totally safe…. At least until next year:

Even though there were no winners last week, Forslof said TippingPoint is planning to include a mobile component in next year’s PWN2OWN contest, which is held at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, each March. “Where there is an opportunity, our [security] community finds a way,” she said. “I am expecting, absolutely, that the research community will find ways around the limitations of mobile.

Lovely. What’s even better is that the iPhone might have been hacked, if the prize money was better:

Even though none of the phones was hacked, one could have fallen if a researcher had wanted to part with the vulnerability, Forslof maintained. “There was an exploit at the show that could have broken the iPhone,” said. “But the researcher said that the $10,000 wasn’t enough to part with that level of vulnerability.”

I guess they need to up the prize money to account for the greedy.

Expect to see phones get hacked next year. I’m calling it now.

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