Woman Gets Mugged For Purse… Google Latitude Gets It Back And Puts The Muggers In Jail

Here’s another case of Google technology defending the free world from the forces of evil. A woman in San Francisco got mugged while wating for a bus. Her house keys, wallet and BlackBerry were inside. The evil doers hopped into a car and drove a way. Usually that’s game over for the Mugging victim. But not this time. The BlackBerry inside the purse had Google Latitude installed on it, which with the help of her sister in L.A. allowed cops to hunt down the muggers and put them in jail where they’ll become someone’s prison bitch in short order. CBS 5 in San Fran has the story.

So now Google technology has helped to save a kidnapped child, bust potheads, and expose ISP’s who throttle. Is there anything that this company cannot do?

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