Conficker Wakes Up And Attacks PC’s By Serving Up Spam And Spyware

If you were waiting for the other Conficker shoe to drop, it has now. According to MSNBC, the notorious virus has begun to attack:

Conficker installs a second virus, known as Waledac, that sends out e-mail spam without knowledge of the PC’s owner, along with a fake anti-spyware program, Weafer said.

The Waledac virus recruits the PCs into a second botnet that has existed for several years and specializes in distributing e-mail spam.

“This is probably one of the most sophisticated botnets on the planet. The guys behind this are very professional. They absolutely know what they are doing,” said Paul Ferguson, a senior researcher with Trend Micro Inc, the world’s third-largest security software maker.

So much for the theroy that this was just a lot of hype about nothing. I guess I should mention that if you haven’t taken steps to protect yourself, now is a good time to do so. You could start with this article that I wrote about the virus and work from there.

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