BlackBerry Curve Boots iPhone For #1 Spot In Phone Sales

This piece of news caught me off guard today. According to NPD, the number one smartphone in the universe is the BlackBerry Curve and not the iPhone.  In a way, I’m not surprised by this as the Curve is a solid unit and is used in companies everywhere. Plus its gaining traction in the consumer space as well. You’ll also note that there are three BlackBerry models in the top five. A sure sign that Apple has to beat Research In Motion if it wants to take over the smartphone universe.

It is a bit of a conincidence that this news appears on the same day that RIM ships version 5.0 of their BlackBerry Enterprise Server which is used by companies around the world for secure, centrally managed links between BlackBerry addiction devices smartphones and enterprise e-mail, applications, corporate phone environments. Perhaps RIM is taking advantage of the buzz?

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