Microsoft Overhauls Search Site…. Will It Be Enough To Stop People From Using Google?

In its ongoing but futile attempt to fight Google, Microsoft has announced Bing which is its new search engine. But it’s no ordinary search engine according to Microsoft:

Based on the customer insight that 66 percent of people are using Internet search more frequently to make complex decisions,* Microsoft identified three design goals to guide the development of Bing: deliver great results; deliver a more organized experience; and simplify tasks and provide insight, leading to faster, more confident decisions. The new service, built to go beyond today’s search experience, includes deep innovation on core search areas including entity extraction and expansion, query intent recognition and document summarization technology as well as a new user experience model that dynamically adapts to the type of query to provide relevant and intuitive decision-making tools.

Hmmm…. Sounds interesting. But will it stop me from using Google? I don’t know. First, there’s the name. Saying “let me Bing that for you” doesn’t sound as sexy as “let me Google that for you.” And what if this search engine bombs the way Live Search bomed? Are they going to call the next search engine they come up with “Bong?”

Seriously though, I don’t know how this search engine is going to do in an already crowded marketplace. Google pretty much owns search and I can’t see this making any sort of meaningful dent. Second, if you take a visit to and watch the video (Which oddly enough is done in Adobe Flash and not Microsoft Silverlight. WTF? Don’t they use their own products?), a lot of the things that they mentioned seem kind of Google-ish to me. Perhaps when the search engine actually appears and I get to play with it, I may feel differently.

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  1. Bing Is Not Google 🙂

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