Palm Pre Has Build Quality Issues…. Palm Fanbois Not Impressed

I’ve just come across a thread over at that seems to indicate that the early adopters of the Pre are not impressed with the build quality of the device. Here’s some more notable quotes:

I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the build quality of the hardware and even mroe disappointed that Palm has not acknowledged it or starting fixing the issues. My first pre had a bunch of hotspots at the bottom of the screen, my second pre was sent to me by Palm and it turned out to be refurbished with the slider tracks all over the place, and finally I went into a sprint store to get a new one, but found a dead pixel when I got home.


Well, the problems are real. I’m on my 5th Pre, all had problems that were unacceptable. My current one has a stuck pixel, but I’m okay with that.

And finally this:

My current phone (#5) has at least 2 bad pixels and I’ll live with that. But Pre #2 had at least 11 stuck pixels and and Pre #3 had at least 9 stuck pixels. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to say that that is too many.

That by itself wouldn’t make me post something like this. But when people start posting pictures on the Interwebs, you have to start taking it a bit more seriously.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that when you launch a brand new product, bad stuff will happen and complaints will surface. Just look at the launch of the iPhone as an example of how things can go pear shaped. When that happens, a decent product will often get killed because of all the negative press. So if I were Palm, I’d get in front of this issue quickly. It doesn’t matter if it’s ten people who have this issue or a thousand. The negative press stands to kill any hope the Pre has of rescuing Palm.

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