Six In Ten Companies Will Not Deploy Windows 7… That Can’t Be Good…

Windows 7 isn’t Vista by any means. But perhaps the ghosts of Vista are having an effect on how Windows 7 is being perceived. Of 1,100 IT administrators who responded to the survey, 59.3 percent said they didn’t have a plan to deploy Windows 7. Microsoft can’t be surprised by this, but it’s likely not good news for them as they plan to send Windows 7 out to the world. What do you think? Please leave a comment with your $0.02 worth. 

2 Responses to “Six In Ten Companies Will Not Deploy Windows 7… That Can’t Be Good…”

  1. For now, I see no advantages for our company doing this migration.

    We use windows xp and it is snappy. It covers all office use I can imagine. How can this multi-media bullcrap and media management makes is place in the offices ? Not to mention that this new “so cool” taskbar and start menu can be reproduced within xp.

    We already have firewalls, antiviruses, antispywares and a document management system. What can Win7 offer other than his new UI skin that we don’t have?

    Frankly, the only thing that will make us move forward will be the end of support for xp and the impossibility to buy new xp vlk.

    But… I can understand why the poor guys that already migrated to Vista may want to jump in the win7 bandwagon asap!

  2. This upsets me.
    I’ve been working as IT support for the last few weeks (I needed an interesting summer job) and every single business uses XP. I personally haven’t used XP since I bought a laptop last year, which I installed the Beta of 7 on as soon as it was released. I’m now running the RC and can’t wait for its release date.

    I can understand that businesses will loose many hours through training, rebuilding computers, and simply installing the OS, but once it’s installed it will save so. much. time!

    Just moving programs around is fast. Plugging a projector in is fast. Most importantly, searching for document (be that names of files or the contents inside!) is incredibly fast, even over network drives, servers, etc.

    What I’d like to see is companies beginning to buy new computers with 7, or slowly updating one system at a time.

    7 really is an amazing OS, faster than vista, more useful than XP and, dare I say, more beautiful than OS X! I hope businesses begin using it quickly, because 7 is the new XP. They’ll still be using it in 8 years!

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