Microsoft To Issue Emergency Patches Tomorrow… You May Want To Pay Attention To This…

Here’s a tip. If Microsoft comes out with a patch outside of their “Patch Tuesday” cycle, then the issue that it fixes is really serious and you should pay attention. Tomorrow, two such patches will appear. The patches will be for Internet Explorer browser and the Visual Studio developer suite and details on what’s coming (for what they’re worth as full details won’t be available until after the patches are relased) are available here. The patch for IE is rated “critical,” which is the highest severity designation on Microsoft’s scale. The update for Visual Studio is rated one level lower, at “important.” The word on the street is that both issues allow attackers to remotely execute code, which means that bad guys could load stuff onto your computer and make your life miserable.

If I were you, I’d be using Microsoft Update sometime tomorrow afternoon to make sure your PCs are safe.

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