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Twitter Sued For Patent Infringement


From the “why even bother” department, comes the news that Twitter is being sued for patent infringement:

Twitter is being sued for patent infringement by TechRadium, a Texas-based technology company which makes mass notification systems for public safety organizations, the military, and utilities.

TechRadium is basically claiming that it thought up the whole concept of mass notifications first, and points to three issued patents: Nos. 7,130,389, 7,496,183, and 7,519,165.

Okay… I’m not going to argue whether this is a valid lawsuit or not, but I will argue that this lawsuit makes no sense. Why? Twitter the last time I checked hasn’t made a penny yet. So what’s the point of suing a company that basically has no money? Plus Twitter has been around for ever. TechRadium has just now decided that they might be infringing on their patents?


If I were Twitter, here’s how I would tweet about this: @TechRadium, your #lawsuit is #bogus. Lolz!

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